Since Toontown Legacy is currently in Open Beta, anyone can download the game and play! We’ve decided to make Beta testing open to everyone because we know how anxious you Toons are to play your favorite online game. Because Beta is open, we’re beginning to get a better understanding of how the game functions with a high amount of players, and we’ve also begun optimizing the client files (what you see) and the server files (what everyone sees) in order to make YOUR experience the absolute best it can be when playing Toontown Legacy! Also, after Beta is over, all of your Toon’s progress will be carried over to the main game! You will NOT lose any of your progress!




For first time use:

  1. Download this RAR file, click “Download”, then click “Download Anyway”
  2. Extract the files to wherever you like
  3. Install Panda3D-1.9.0 (included)
  4. Drag the Panda3D-1.9.0 folder to your C: Drive
  5. Install Python-2.7 (included)
  6. Go to this website, click “Try It Free” and create a LogMeIn account
  7. Install Hamachi, open it, and click “Connect to an Existing Network”
  8. The networks we have open are: TTLegacy / TTLegacy2 / TTLegacy3 / TTLegacy4 / TTLegacy5
  9. The password to every network is: 123
  10. Once you are connected, open the “start Client” file.
  11. Type in a unique username. This is your login information. Make it complex! If someone else guesses it, they have access to your account!
  12. Start playing and have fun!

For each additional use:

  1. Open Hamachi and connect to an open network using the info above.
  2. Open the “start Client” file and type in your existing username.
  3. Start playing and have fun!



If you do not comply with these rules, you run the risk of being kicked, temporarily banned, or permanently banned based purely on a staff member’s discretion.

  • Show respect. Everyone here is equal.
  • Be nice! There’s nothing worse than a mean Toon!
  • Be appropriate! This is a game for all ages, and we don’t tolerate language or posts that are defamatory, harassing, threatening, bigoted, hateful, violent, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise offensive.
  • Keep it positive. Do not negatively associate Toontown Legacy, or any of its members, with another entity.
  • Don’t spam! Spamming makes it hard to read what everyone else is saying. This includes advertisement, role playing, very frequent messages, crazy text fonts, and large messages.
  • Don’t ask for higher game access in-game. It’s a wonderful thing, but don’t ask for it through the game. Email us if you would like to be apart of the team!
  • Do not impersonate anyone. We are all our own wonderful people.
  • NO Innapropriate links. This includes jump scares.
  • If you have a problem with the decision of a channel operator (kicks or bans), email us, and politely explain why you are upset. Do NOT complain about what happened and beg for us to take your side.
  • No hacking, modifying, or automating the game in any way.

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